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At the Gate of Heaven  (LP)

US Capitol P8504 / SP8504 (1959)

Salli Terri (vocal)
Laurindo Almeida (guitar)
Dorothy Remsen (harp)
Alvin Stoller (drums, tambourines)
Dr. Alfred Sendrey (organ)

produced by Robert E Myers
Spirituals consultant - Jester Hairston

Tone duh Bell Easy
At the Gate of Heaven
Sim Sholom
Two Byzantine Hymns
Simeron Tis Sotirias - O Katharotatos
Bear the News, Mary!
The Seven Joys of Mary; Don't Stay Away!
Deep River
Two Spanish Scenes: Canto de Sereno - Alabano
Ovinu, Malkenu
Ten are the Ten Commandments
Salve Regina
Wondrous Love
Let us Break Bread Together

US Capitol SP8504
At the Gate of Heaven album cover - front
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At the Gate of Heaven album cover - back
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Salli Terri and Jester Hairston
Salli Terri and Jester Hairston
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Dr Alfred Sendrey
Dr Alfred Sendrey

From the accompanying booklet -

Salli Terri has been involved with music for as long as she can remember. She was born into a musical family in London, Ontario; her father was a well-known conductor of theater orchestras, and her mother, although not a professional, was an accomplished singer.

Few singers, male or female, are as versatile as Salli Terri. She is capable of giving a superb performance in a wide variety of styles-a point exemplified by the diversity in this album. Her forte, however, is folk music; when she is singing the centuries-old songs of traditional music, her voice has a warmth that is seldom heard from others.

In addition to her natural talent, Salli Terri's background includes much training and experience. She hold a master's degree in music education, she has sung with, and directed, many church choirs, and she has been a featured singer with the Roger Wagner Chorale.

Salli Terri has also been a teacher. In Perris, California, she taught music, English, and dramatics in the high school, directed the choir at the Congregational Church, and wrote a newspaper column on education. Later she spent two years teaching in US Government schools in Japan, where she distinguished herself by being the first teacher to produce a show with a cast made up of both American and Japanese young people. The show was a Christmas pageant, with the unusual inclusion of Buddhist chants.

Soon after her return to the United States, Salli joined the Roger Wagner Chorale. Guitarist Laurindo Almeida heard her performances with the Chorale and suggested to Capitol that he record an album with her. So successful was their first album "Duets with the Spanish Guitar," that another, "For My True Love," was released only a few months later. "Songs of Enchantment" recently released, was her first recording as a Capitol artist in her own right.

Salli Terri wrote -

This collection of more than a dozen selections includes Gregorian chant, Byzantine chant, Negro Spirituals, Appalachian Mountain Folk hymns, and prayer songs.  Each piece has a unique place in my heart and mind, and the listener will join in what might be a new and fresh listening experience.  These songs represent two general approaches to religion; the Christian and the Jewish.  Some of the pieces are religious songs you would never hear in your church or synagogue; some of them you may have known and loved all your lives.  All are folk songs in the sense that many people know them, but nobody knows for sure who wrote them or where they originated.  In our country alone, on any weekend, it is probable that all these selections are being sung by faithful congregations, and informal gatherings somewhere in the West, East, North or South.  The music is part of our vital heritage; and our need to know something about our neighbor's creed makes this compilation a valuable asset to everyone's record library.

The musical format of this album ranges from solo voice unaccompanied to double choir, singing antiphonally.  The instrumental accompaniment includes the guitar of Laurindo Almeida, the harp of Dorothy Remsen, drums and tambourines by Alvin Stoller, and Dr. Alfred Sendrey at the organ.

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