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finding Salli Terri records (vinyl albums)

The original 50s and 60s vinyl albums can often be found online in excellent or even mint condition (still sealed). The more common ones appear regularly in eBay sales (which has the facility for a permanent search to be set up, where you will be notified by email whenever a wanted item becomes available). Others are more likely to be be discovered via the major search engines or by using specialised record search sites.

eBay  -

Use the ".com" site unless looking for a non-US release. Search using the name of the album as the query term (using quotes, so it is searched for as a phrase). If not found, use query terms such as -
"salli terri"
"roger wagner"
"laurindo almeida"
almeida terri
terri wagner
recommended search engines
When searching try using query terms containing variants of the catalog number, as most of the online second-hand record shops include it in their descriptions.
eg for "Conversations with the Guitar" use query terms such as -
conversations terri almeida
conversations capitol P8532
laurindo 8532
terri sp8532
almeida 8532
"salli terri" duets -P8406 -SP8406 -8406 -S36050 -"GMR 2167"
duets "spanish guitar" terri almeida vinyl -cd
(and combinations and permutations thereof)
(note the use of the "-" to exclude unwanted search results)

other resources

There are also search sites and resource links for finding old records with databases containing millions of records from thousands of online stores -

Some of the albums have recently become available on iTunes. It is also worth looking on the P2P file sharing networks (eg eMule), searching for albums and individual tracks.

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