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Gilmour's Albums, Volume II (CD)

CBC Radio (?)

compilation by Clyde Gilmour

            Clyde Gilmour's Albums, Volume II, album cover

Opening Theme - with comments by Lorna Jackson
Abdul Abulbul Amir - performed by Frank Crumit
Heartaches - performed by Roy Thoreson
O Helga Natt - performed by Jussi Bjoerling
Pavane, Op. 50 - performed by Salli Terri, Laurindo Almeida and Martin Ruderman
The Surrey with the Fringe on Top - performed by Oscar Peterson
Gunslinger - performed by Katie Lee
March for Military Band No. 1 in F - performed by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble
O Mio Babino Caro, from Gianni Schicchi - performed by Amanda Roocroft
Weather Forecast - performed by The Master Singers
Stay with the Music - performed by Burgess Meredith
Murals on the Wall - performed by Lou Carter
Credeasi Misera, from "I Puritani" - performed by Albert Da Costa
The Truth about Pig Tails
Never Pucker the Wattles of a Cassowary - performed by Jim Moran
Five Foot Two: Metric Version - performed by Paul Caldwell and Brad Halls
French Monologue - performed by Henry Morgan
That's My Hap-Hap-Happiness - performed by The Happiness Boys
Adele's Laughing Song - performed by Florence Foster Jenkins
Driving Instructor - by Bob Newhart

[for many years Clyde Gilmour used "Pavane" as the ending music for his show]

"For half a century CBC radio listeners tuned in to CLYDE GILMOUR, first as a movie critic and then for over forty years as the gentle and enthusiastic host of Gilmour's Albums, the longest running network radio music show in CBC history. His final broadcast was in June 1997. All the music he played, from opera to comedy, was from his own private collection."

- Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

"...the Clyde Gilmour Collection... was donated to the CBC shortly after Mr. Gilmour's death in November 1997. Clyde Gilmour was a legendary broadcaster, writer and music collector who worked at CBC for more than 50 years. He was best known for the radio program "Gilmour's Albums," which ran from 1956 to 1997. The Gilmour collection consists of more than 10,000 long-play records... 4,000 CDs, program scripts, notes, correspondence, files, tapes and reference materials. It is housed in a corner of the Music Library, set up to look like his basement home office (complete with Mr. Gilmour's desk and old telephone). Clyde Gilmour's music collection is still used by CBC producers for programming.

- CBC Archives

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